CORT First Friday Webinar: Human Trafficking - Identifying and Serving Victims at Civil Legal Aid Organizations


Please note that the webinar will be on December the 13th to accommodate speaker availability.

Experts say that human trafficking is underreported in Appalachia and the mid-west, and the opioid epidemic is fueling a trafficking increase. Civil legal services organizations can be part of a safety net for trafficking victims, if staff know how to recognize and respond to a trafficking case. The webinar addresses:

- How legal aid staff identify a human trafficking case if a victim or victim’s advocate makes contact;

- What trafficking cases look like in the context of the opioid epidemic in Appalachia and the mid-west vs. immigrant forced sex and labor cases; 

- Red-flags for staff doing intake or interviewing clients;

- Resources that civil legal aid staff should be aware of and have in their toolkit if they are providing legal services to a victim;

- Types of civil legal needs for trafficking victims where civil legal aid can help. 

Presenters: Joyce Yedlosky, Co-Director of the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and a member of the attorney training team from the West Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.

For more information and documents, see the training event on the CORT website.

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