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Document Assembly

Below are links to some of the document assembly interviews available on Michigan Legal Help. There are many more interviews on Michigan Legal Help - this is just a selection that we think would be useful to advocates. These links take you directly to the interviews on LawHelp Interactive (LHI). You can create an account on LHI and save your interviews in case you need to make changes to your forms later. You can save multiple interviews, one for each client.

These links are intended for advocates, not self-represented litigants. If you are representing yourself in court, please go to for general legal information on these topics in addition to these interviews.

Link Automated Online Application to Set Aside Conviction Forms
Link Automated Online Custody Answer and Counterclaim forms
Link Automated Online Custody Complaint Forms
Link Automated Online Divorce Answer and Counterclaim Forms
Link Automated Online Divorce Forms
Link Automated Online Motion for Installment Payment Plan Forms
Link Automated Online Motion Regarding Payment Plan/Discharge of Arrears Forms
Link Automated Online Objection to Garnishment Forms
Link Automated Online Petition for Personal Protection Order Forms (Domestic, Stalking, Sexual Assault)
Link Automated Online Quitclaim Deed
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