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FY2007 Appropriations for HUD Set

MPLP Spring 2007 Housing Law Section Newsletter Article

                Issue 33, Spring 2007

FY2007 appropriation for HUD set; supplemental spending bill may provide more        


In mid-February, President Bush signed House Joint Resolution 20, which has become Public Law 110-5.  This law provides funding for the current fiscal year that began last October for federal agencies that weren't covered by the 2 appropriations bills (for defense and homeland security) that passed last year.  As late as January, it looked like these agencies would be funded at FY2006 levels.  But, fortunately, the new law treats HUD programs better than they were last year, financially and in some areas, administratively.  The new law provides additional funding for the Section 8 and public housing programs, and adjusts the funding formula for Section 8 vouchers in a way that low income housing advocates have urged.  For more information about the new appropriations law, see the summary and budget chart prepared by the National Low Income Housing Coalition ( and (


As the NLIHC reported more recently, The House Appropriations Committee is expected to consider the FY07 supplemental spending bill during the week of March 12, with floor action expected the following week.  The primary focus of the bill will be the President’s request for war funding, but as the NLIHC reported “House appropriators are considering adding many other provisions to the bill, including partial restoration of funding cut from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and funding for the State Children's Health Insurance Program, as well as funds for health care for active duty military and veterans. Housing advocates are urging the addition of $672 million in the bill for public housing operating funds, as well as funding for Katrina-related housing programs.”  The Senate Appropriations Committee is expected to consider its FY07 supplemental spending bill on March 20.


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