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Garnishment Statutes

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Michigan Statutes

Attachment and Garnishment


     Garnishment (periodic payments)

     Garnishment (against the state - state is garnishee)

     Garnishment of state tax refunds; objections to writ of

Enforcement Judgments - Exemptions

Garnishment - Home Heating Credit Exemptions

Social Welfare Act - Benefits Under the Social Welfare Act - Exempt

State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) - Index of SCAO Approved Forms for Use in Garnishment

Federal Statutes

Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act

Social Security Benefits - Exempt
MCL 600.4001

MCL 600.4011

MCL 600.4012

MCL 600.4061

MCL 600.4061a

MCL 600.6023

MCL 206.527a

MCL 400.63

15 USC 1673

42 USC 407