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Title Fraud: Seminal Issues and Citations

Document Actions

Title Fraud Issues

Dealer Required to Have Valid Title In Its Immediate Possession
MCLA 257.235(1)

Dealer Must Show Reassigned Title(s) to Consumer
MCLA 257.233a(3)

Dealer May Only Issue 1 Temporary Tag Per Vehicle
MCLA 257.226a(1)

Dealer May Not Use Dealer Plate for More Than 72 Hrs
MCLA 257.244(8)

Dealer Must Submit Application for Title within 15 days of Sale/Lease
MCLA 257.217(4)

Dealer Transfer to Another Dealer – Must Warranty Title and Fill in Odometer Statement
MCLA 257.235(3)

Dealer Cannot Sign Odometer as Transferor & Transferee
MCLA 257.233a(3)

Must Provide Copies of ALL documents signed at the time
MCLA 257.251a

Sec. 248a. A motor vehicle dealer shall not advertise or represent a motor vehicle to be a demonstrator, executive or manufacturer's vehicle, leased vehicle, new motor vehicle, or used or secondhand vehicle unless the vehicle so described is as defined in this act.

Title Fraud Remedies

  • UCC Sec. 2-608 (Michigan MCLA 440.2608)
  • Sale in violation of Motor Vehicle Code is “void and … monies paid under the terms of such a void contract can be recovered by the purchaser.”
    • Waldron v Drury’s Van Lines, Inc, 1 Mich App 601, 608, 137 NW2d 743, 746 (1965).
    • Moreover, the fact that Plaintiff has had use of the vehicle does not affect his ability to void the sale.
      • Roe v Flamegas Industrial Corp, 16 Mich App 210,  167 NW2d 835 (1969) (no offset for use)
Statutory Damages – Odometer Statute

Michigan Consumer Protection Act

Unfair Deceptive Practices
MCLA 445.903

Statutory Damages & Attorney Fees
MCLA 445.911

Equitable Relief Permitted (i.e., revocation, credit reporting injunction
MCLA 445.911(1)(b)

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