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 Nursing Home Rights
Get to know the primary sources of law concerning nursing homes.


 Common Legal Cites for Family Law
Quick reference of common legal citations in Michigan Family Law.

 Overview of Custody
Custody law is a mixture of statutes, case law, court rules, tradition and local county procedures. Both its' substantive and procedural provisions are mixed together, and jurisdictional issues are ill-defined.

Family Law Benchbook (Washtenaw County Bar Association)
This looseleaf benchbook covers several family law topics including child support, custody, parenting time, spousal support, property division and more.

 When is a PPO Proper? (flowchart)
Maps some common questions relating to Protected Parties.


 Assembling a Library to Support a Legal Services Housing Practice

There are many excellent publications available to assist legal services advocates handling housing matters. So, rather than presenting a summary of relevant housing law, we're listing resources that will help launch and support a low income housing practice.

 Mortgage Foreclosure Avoidance - Practice Checklist
A truth in lending checklist for closed-end transactions.


Overview of Michigan Public Assistance Programs
This resource will familiarize the reader with the general concepts and ideas of Public Assistance programs but will not address fine points and details of programs.

 Public Benefits - Common Definitions and Concepts
This resource provides definitions, explanations, and examples of common public benefits concepts including assets, deferrals, child support and much more.

 Suggested Library for Public Benefits Advocate
This resource lists most of the basic public benefits materials plus materials useful for in-depth research unique to public benefits programs.

On-line Food Stamp Calculator
This resource is provided by the Michigan Foodstamp Partnership and contains many other related foodstamp resources.

 Public Benefits Hearings Information
This resource contains the contact information for the offices of hearings and appeals for the SSA, FIA, and DHS as well as deadline information.

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