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Common Legal Cites for Family Law

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Marriage M.C.L.A. 551.1-551.341
Marriage license M.C.L.A. 551.1-551.18
Marriage of persons under sixteen M.C.L.A. 551.51
Marriage License M.C.L.A. 551.101- 551.111
Issuance of Marriage License Without Publicity M.C.L.A. 551.201-551.204
Legal Status of Married Minors M.C.L.A. 551.251
Foreign Marriages M.C.L.A. 551.271-551.272
Circuit Court Family Counseling Services Act M.C.L.A. 551.331-551.341
Divorce M.C.L.A. 552.1-552.1901
Divorce M.C.L.A. 552.1-552.46
Judgement of Divorce or Separate Maintenance; Rights in Property M.C.L.A. 552.101 -552.103
Alimony Awarded by Court of Another State M.C.L.A. 552.121-552.123
Temporary and Permanent Alimony; Support and Maintenance M.C.L.A. 552.151-552.155
Change of Name of Divorced Woman M.C.L.A. 552.391
Property Awards to Spouses M.C.L.A. 552.401-552.402
The Family Support Act M.C.L.A. 552.451-552.459
Friend of the Court Act M.C.L.A. 552.501-552.535
Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act M.C.L.A. 552.601 552.650
Interstate Income Withholding Act M.C.L.A. 552.671-552.685
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act M.C.L.A. 552.1101-552.1108
Article 1 M.C.L.A. 552.1101-552.1108
Definitions M.C.L.A. 552.1102-552.1104
Article 2 M.C.L.A. 552.1201-552.1235
Part I - Nonresident individuals M.C.L.A. 552.1201-552.1203
Part II - State's tribunal M.C.L.A. 552.1221-552.1225
Part III - Child support orders M.C.L.A. 552.1231-552.1235
Article 3 M.C.L.A. 552.1301-552.1334
Article 4 - Issuance of support order M.C.L.A. 552.1401
Article 5 - Income and Enforcement M.C.L.A. 552.1501-552.1502
Article 6 M.C.L.A. 552.1601-552.1639
Part I - Registration M.C.L.A. 552.1601-552.1605
Part II - Non-registering party M.C.L.A. 552.1621-552.1625
Part III- Modifications M.C.L.A. 552.1631-552.1639
Article 7 - Determining parentage M.C.L.A. 552.1701
Article 8 - Governor M.C.L.A. 552.1801-552.1803
Article 9 - Effective date M.C.L.A. 552.1901
Real and Personal Property M.C.L.A. 554.451-554.552
Repealed Sections (M.C.L.A. 554.451-554.461)
Michigan Uniform Transfers to Minors Act M.C.L.A. 554.521-554.552
Definitions M.C.L.A. 554.522-554.525
Irrevocable transfers M.C.L.A. 554.529-554.530
Property of Husband and Wife M.C.L.A. 557.21-557.271
Rights of Married Women M.C.L.A. 557.21-557.29
Income Rights of Husband and Wife as Tenants by Entirety M.C.L.A. 557.71
Land Held as Tenancy by Entirety M.C.L.A. 557.81
Termination of Tenancies by Entirety M.C.L.A. 557.101-557.102
Ownership of Property Acquired Jointly After Good Faith Marriage M.C.L.A. 557.111
Joint Ownership of Personal Property in Joint Tenancy M.C.L.A. 557.151
Michigan Community Property Act M.C.L.A. 557.201-557.220
Separation of Property M.C.L.A. 557.201-557.202
Jointly owned or entireties property M.C.L.A. 557.203
Community property M.C.L.A. 557.204-557.209
Divorce or Separation Rights M.C.L.A. 557.212
Repeal of Community Property Act M.C.L.A. 557.251-557.255
Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act M.C.L.A. 557.261-557.271
Children M.C.L.A. 722.1-722.1013
Status and Emancipation of Minors; Rights of Parents M.C.L.A. 722.1-722.6
Emancipation, hearings, petitions, etc M.C.L.A. 722.4-722.4e
Child Custody Act of 1970 M.C.L.A. 722.21-722.30
Best interest of child definition M.C.L.A. 722.23
Joint Custody M.C.L.A. 722.26a
Actions by a Third Party M.C.L.A. 722.26c-722.26e
Custody, Support, and Parenting Time M.C.L.A. 722.27
Blood Donations M.C.L.A. 722.41
Commitment of Children to State Institutions M.C.L.A. 722.531-722.534
Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Act M.C.L.A. 722.601-722.613
Executive Reorganization Order M.C.L.A. 722.620
Child Protection Law M.C.L.A. 722.621-722.638
Definitions M.C.L.A. 722.622
Reporting M.C.L.A. 722.623-722.625
Child’s death, serious physical injury M.C.L.A. 722.628a-722.628b
Interview of child in abuse case M.C.L.A. 722.628c
Determination of physical or sexual abuse M.C.L.A. 722.637
The Paternity Act M.C.L.A. 722.711-722.730
Paternity Actions M.C.L.A. 722.714a-722.714b
DNA Profile Determination M.C.L.A. 722.716
Disclosure of paternity test M.C.L.A. 722.716a
Child Identification and Protection Act M.C.L.A. 722.771-722.775
Surrogate Parenting Act M.C.L.A. 722.901-722.909
Contracts M.C.L.A. 722.855-722.859
Custody Disputes M.C.L.A. 722.861
Acknowledgement of Parentage Act M.C.L.A. 722.1001-722.1013
Establishment of Paternity M.C.L.A. 722.1004
Mother’s Presumption of Custody M.C.L.A. 722.1006