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Handy Backup is Definitely Handy

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Issue 28, Summer 2005

Handy Backup is Definitely Handy
by Keith Morris , Elder Law of Michigan

In this issue, in lieu of my usual column, I invited Keith Morris of Elder Law of Michigan to write a short article about his experiences using the Handy Backup software to manage his computers cheaply, without tapes or other bulky or expensive media. -- Scott

After many years of using a DAT tape drive to backup our crucial data, we have finally taken the leap into this century. We have begun doing backups across our network using a very inexpensive program, Handy Backup.

For about $40, this program allows us to now do backups over our network. This means that we can keep a daily backup of our file server on the hard drive of another computer elsewhere in the building. Additionally, using the file-sharing capabilities of Windows 2000 and XP, we are also able to backup important files, such as e-mail files, on the individual desktops to a central location.

One other feature of this program that we are testing is to do a weekly remote backup of our server to a computer at MPLP. It will transfer the password-protected files via FTP.

Handy Backup offers several different options when setting up your backups. You can choose to do a full backup each time (quite time consuming) or an incremental backup that only changes the files in your backup that were changed in your working directory. It even offers the option to synchronize two files. Another feature is that it will automatically timestamp and keep a specified number of copies, allowing you to keep one week, etc.

I found this program to be very easy to understand and extremely user-friendly. It has taken away the worry that we are not getting backups. I would highly recommend this software for those programs that are trying to conquer this problem.



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