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Adult Medical Program Opening December 1, 2007

MPLP Winter 2008 Public Benefits Section Newsletter Article

                Issue 35, Winter 2008

Adult Medical Program Opening December 1, 2007


Individuals who submit applications to the Department of Human Services on or after December 1, 2007 may be approved for Adult Medical Program (AMP), if they qualify.   Department of Community Health (DCH) will leave the enrollment period open until the enrollment reaches its maximum level.  Because DCH has not given a specific date when the open enrollment period will end, applicants should submit their applications as soon as possible after December 1st.  It is not clear how much advance notice DCH will give before closing enrollment. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Unlike Medicaid, AMP/ABW policy does NOT require proof of identity or U.S. citizenship, unless questionable.  See DHS Program Eligibility Manual Items 220 and 225.  However, applicants who may be eligible for Medicaid because they are disabled or have children in their care may be required to apply for Medicaid, which does require proof of identity and citizenship.

Please see Issue Alert 07-11-01 for more information

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