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Recently Introduced Legislation

MPLP Summer 2007 Family Law Section Newsletter Article

                Issue 34, Summer 2007

Recently Introduced Legislation

The following bills have been introduced in the Michigan Legislature for consideration:

SB 103 – Would permit domestic violence victims to terminate a rental lease early upon written evidence that the tenant is a victim of the domestic violence. 

HB 4140 – Would modify MCL 722.25 to provide an absolute bar to the award of custody to a parent who has been convicted of any form of criminal sexual conduct in which the parent’s own child is the victim.  The statute currently provides an exception to the bar if the child’s parents consent to custody with the convicted parent.

HB 4147 – Would permit a man subject to a child support order or an order finding him to be the father to file a motion for relief from paternity at any time.  The court must order DNA testing and if the legal father is excluded vacate the support order and require the mother to reimburse the former father all support paid to her.  However, the court may continue parenting time. 

HB 4174
– Would permit the court to order electronic parenting time if the equipment if available to both parents and it’s in the child’s best interests.  The bill also includes language that the availability of electronic parenting time cannot be considered in a parent’s request to change a child’s domicile.  The bill also permits a grandparent under the grandparent visitation statute to request electronic visitation under the same conditions that would warrant in-person visitation. 

HB 4259
– This is the “second parent” adoption bill, which would modify the adoption code to permit two unmarried persons to join in an adoption.  Currently, only a single person or a married person together with his/her spouse may adopt.

HB 4521-4523 – Would prohibit the inclusion of “personal identifying information” in divorce judgments or orders, orders of filiation and family support orders unless otherwise required by law or court rule.

HB 4564
– Would mandate joint custody in all custody actions unless a parent is unfit or lives outside the child’s school district.  This bill is identical to the bill introduced last session that failed to make it to the floor. 

HB 4566
– Would allow the court to order a child support recipient to repay support to the payer on the basis of fraud, misrepresentation or other misconduct by the recipient in relation to the support order, or because the recipient used the money for a purpose other than support of the child. 

HB 4741 – Would amend the PPO statute to permit a court to prohibit a respondent from injuring or threatening to injure an animal owned by petitioner, removing the animal from petitioner’s possession or interfering with petitioner’s efforts to remove the animal from respondent’s premises. 

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