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MPLP Newsletter - Summer 2007

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Issue 34 Summer


Table of Contents

Housing Law

Public Benefits



MPLP 2007 Events

MPLP 2007 Taskforces



Michigan Legal Aid Technology Training Resources

Click here for more information on CRP Taskforces and other technology trainings available to Michigan Legal Aid staff and attorneys:  

Steve Gray

Michigan Poverty Law Program
Ann Arbor, Michigan

C O N S U M E R   L A W - Articles by Lorray S. C. Brown, MPLP Consumer Law Attorney

Is the Michigan Consumer Protection Act Dead?

Case Developments

E L D E R   L A W - Articles by Alison Hirschel , MPLP Elder Law Attorney

Join us at the Elder Law Task Force conference  call on August 9 from 10-12 with special guest Professor Cynthia Ward from Cooley Law School offering an overview of Probate Procedures.

Get the training you need!  Contact Alison Hirschel ( with ideas for workshops on Elder Law Day at the Road Show or future Elder Law Task Force meetings!!

Changes Likely in MiChoice Home and Community Based Waiver Program

Advocates Pursue Appeal of Federal Court Decision Regarding Medicare "Three Day Hospital Stay" Rule

Elder Law of Michigan Offers Consumer Fraud Prvention Project and a New Hotline for Assistance to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Older Adults 

F A M I L Y   L A W - Articles by Rebecca Shiemke , MPLP Family Law Attorney

Paternity Disestablishment and Marital Children

Recent Michigan Appelate Decisions

Recently Introduced Legislation

H O U S I N G   L A W - Articles by Jim Schaafsma, MPLP Housing Attorney

Voucher Legislation Passes House and Has Some Good Features

Supreme Court imposes limits on conduct of landlords dispossessing tenants

Recent Appelate Court Decisions

P U B L I C   B E N E F I T S - Articles by Lisa Ruby, MPLP Public Benefits Attorney

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Case: Treating Source Rule

New Identity and Citizenship Regulations

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