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A Dismal Future for Contract Law in Michigan: Rory v Continental Insurance
A July decision by the Michigan Supreme Court, Rory v Continental Insurance Co, promises to profoundly impact the future of contract law in the state of Michigan.

Can the Government Seize Federal Benefits To Collect Student Loans?
by Lorray S.C. Brown, MPLP. When three senior citizens learned, to their surprise, that the federal government was withholding part of their sole source of income (Social Security retirement income) to repay student loan debts incurred years ago, the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC), Public Citizen Litigation Group (Public Citizen), and Oakland Livingston Legal Aid (OLLA) swung into action on their behalf - Winter 2003

Consumer Law Links
Substantive Consumer Law links for Michigan Advocates.

This National Consumer Law Center report on consumer scams directly targeting America's active-duty Military personnel and Veterans describes some scams and provides some legal recommendations and remedies.

This American Bar Association document has information on consumers rights when they enter into contracts. The document has information on advertisements, travel contracts, door to door sales, repair and improvement contracts and more.

Michigan's Debt Protection Statutes
by Josh Ard, Cooley Law School/Sixty Plus Elder Law Clinic. When a person is having difficulty paying bills, a debt collector often comes calling. Sometimes debt collectors are only annoying, but the problems often become more severe as the tactics become more outrageous - Summer 2003.

Efforts to end predatory lending have been modest at best mainly bdecause of a lack of consensus on what constitutes illegal predatory lending. This overview clears some of this confusion.

Title Fraud: Seminal Issues and Citations
A list of seminal issues and supporting statutes and case law relating to Title Fraud.