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MPLP Newsletter - Winter 2008

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Issue 35
Winter 2008


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Once again this year MPLP is asking all in the poverty law community to help get the word out to our working clients about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the availability of the ICAN!-Efile web site to help folks claim the credit.

For those of you who don't know I-CAN!-Efile is web-based software developed by the Legal Aid Society of Orange County that allows low-income workers to electronically file their income taxes and apply for the EITC online at no charge.  It is written at a 5th grade literacy level and is available in English and Spanish.  And, thanks to continuing support from the Michigan Credit Union League, I-CAN!-Efile will also allow low-income Michiganders to file their Michigan state tax returns and claim the Michigan Home Heating and Homestead Property Tax credits.

I've posted a one page flyer (from the Michigan EITC Coalition) that you can use to let your clients know about the EITC and ICAN!-Efile. Please consider including this flyer in any letter you send to a client between now and February 15th.  You can find the 2007 flyer along with some other materials here:

A couple of facts from past years to encourage your outreach:

* Last year ICAN!-EIC helped return just over $2.5 million to low-income workers in Michigan
* Over 80% of the EITC is claimed on returns filed between Jan. 15th (the first day of efiling) and Feb. 15th
* New this year ICAN! Efile will allow taxpayers to itemize deductions using the  Schedules A and B
* Anyone with household income under $50,000 is eligible to use the ICAN! Efile website.

We are continuing to partner with a over 100 credit unions across the state. They will be conducting EITC outreach to their membership.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming an ICAN!-Efile partner be sure to contact me.

Steve Gray

Michigan Poverty Law Program
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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