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Date Summary
Apr 05, 2004

Freedom to Work Act Implementation

Apr 05, 2004

Community Action Agency (CAA) and Limited Purpose Agency (LPA) Hearings

Apr 02, 2004

Income limits for Medicaid and MIChild are increased slightly, based on the federal poverty levels published in February 2004

Apr 01, 2004

100-day Supply for Maintenance Medications

Apr 01, 2004

Medicaid coverage continues until age 22 for clients who are inpatients of an Institution for Mental Diseases on the date s/he turns 21.

Apr 01, 2004

Child care hours are changed from two levels (part-time/full-time) to four levels.

Apr 01, 2004

FIA no longer counts educational stipends as income when calculating eligibility for public assistance.

Apr 01, 2004

Changes in processing shelter and utility expenses

Apr 01, 2004

Restaurants authorized to take the food stamp ebt cards are now on-line

Mar 29, 2004

Medicaid recipients who win a Medicaid appeal are entitled to direct reimbursement for medical bills they paid between the time they filed their hearing request and the time they were awarded Medicaid eligibility, if the bills were for Medicaid covered services and were incurred during a period for which they are determined to be Medicaid eligible.

Mar 01, 2004

FIA receives federal approval to provide Food Stamps for more than 3 months to those who received Time-Limited Food Stamps.

Feb 26, 2004

Food and Nutrition Service issues new guidelines for intentional program violations

Feb 10, 2004

Local Family Independence Agency offices may use Emergency Services funds to assist clients in meeting unmet required payments for energy services under the State Emergency Relief (SER) program. They also may use ES funds to expand payment maximums for energy services if the client meets all other eligibility requirements for SER energy services.

Feb 09, 2004

Termination of Medicaid when Healthy Kids Medicaid eligibility ends, without any pre-termination effort to redetermine eligibility under other categories, appears to violate federal law.

Feb 09, 2004

Only individuals who require help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) will be able to qualify for Home Help Services (HHS) under new HHS policy, and new maximums are established for the number of hours of HHS an individual may receive for help with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). HHS recipientsÂ’ medical need must be re-certified on an annual basis.