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Date Summary
Apr 14, 2005

Unrelated caretakers of children placed with them by DHS Children's Services eligible for benefits

Apr 12, 2005

Child Day Care benefits are now available to foster parents for educational need

Apr 12, 2005

Simplified Reporting cases are now assigned a 12-month benefit period

Feb 10, 2005

The Michigan Department of Community Health has issued a ruling that will enable individuals with criminal records who have experience working in nursing homes to continue working in the field.

Feb 10, 2005

Michigan maintains a Central Child Abuse Registry which lists individuals who have allegedly committed acts of child abuse or neglect. Individuals whose names are on the registry are ineligible for child daycare payments through FIA, and also cannot work in occupations involving children. Prior to August 1992, no notice was given to individuals that their names were being placed on the registry. As a result, clients may only discover that they are on the registry when they are denied daycare payments or employment in a child-care related field. Clients who did not receive notice have a due process claim for removal of their names from the registry.

Feb 02, 2005

Effective March 1, 2005, AMP prescription copayments will be reduced to $1.00 per prescription, emergency room co-payments will be eliminated, and coverage for inpatient hospitalization will be eliminated

Jan 18, 2005

Inaccurate use of names in criminal records - combined with the lack of a procedure to correct these records - may prevent innocent individuals from obtaining employment, housing, government loans, etc. based on someone else's criminal record.

Jan 10, 2005

New form FIA Form 498 simplifies applications for “kinship caregivers” -caretaker relatives -- when the child has been placed with them by the Family Independence Agency (FIA).

Jan 05, 2005

FIA is adding information about filing discrimination complaints with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Jan 05, 2005

FIA has removed birth date from the minimum amount of information needed to register an application

Jan 04, 2005

FIA has provided local offices with some clarifications for FAP processing

Jan 04, 2005

FIA has shortened the time limit for CDC providers to bill FIA for services.

Jan 04, 2005

CDC providers can now fax requests for a new PIN numbers for telephone billing

Jan 04, 2005

FIA will no longer approve CDC payments for new day care aides under the age of 18.

Jan 03, 2005

More individuals may qualify for Medicaid under new, SSI-related Medicaid (Medicaid based on disability or advanced age) income budgeting policy that deducts child support paid by a spouse or (for children) parent of the Medicaid applicant or recipient