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Issue Alert - 03-09-04

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Sep 29, 2003

Issue Summary:

Effective October 2003, Child Day Care assistance is capped at 100 hours in a two week period, regardless of actual number of hours needed, effective with the period beginning October 5, 2003.

Persons Affected:

Recipients of Child Day Care (CDC) assistance who need more than 100 hours of child care in a two week period.


Child Day Care (CDC)

What's Happening?

Beginning with the pay period that starts on October 5, 2003, FIA will no longer authorize Child Day Care payments for more than 100 hours in a two week pay period. FIA will be sending notices to affected recipients and child day care providers.CDC recipients who work at multiple jobs, have long commutes (including those who must rely on public transportation), or are combining employment with education or Work First activities may have to place children in childcare for more than 100 hours every two weeks. Under the new policy, FIA will not help pay for care for the entire time that their child is in child care. These changes are contained in PAM 908, PEM 705 and PEM 710.

What Should Advocates Do?

Be sure that recipients understand the change.Be sure that FIP recipients with children under the age of 6 understand that they cannot be required to participate in assignments that would require leaving a child in care that costs more than what FIA pays -- including hours over the 100 hour CDC cap for a two week period. Help clients seek deferrals or assignment changes if they are being forced to leave children in child care for more than 100 hours in a two week period.

What Should Clients Do?

Seek legal advice if you are being required to participate in work or Work First activities that require leaving a child under age 13 (or age 13-18 and requiring care due to a disability) in child care for more than 100 hours in a two week period.

Finding Help

Most legal aid and legal services office handle these type of cases, and they do not charge a fee. You can locate the "free" legal services or legal aid office that serves your county on the Michigan LawHelp website ( or look in the yellow pages under "attorneys" or call the toll-free lawyer referral number, (800) 968-0738.